Our Services

We provide expert consulting services.

Delivering and Supporting the Project Lifecycle for SAP ERP, BI and HANA Projects.

  1. Application Managed Support (AMS) services for major Australian SAP customers.
  2. Prime ERP Upgrade and Analytics Greenfield projects for major Australian companies.
  3. Subcontract to Tier 1 consulting firms for key roles on Business Transformation projects
  4. Strategic Advice and Troubleshooting Services


Project Planning

Successful projects begin with clear goals, agreed deliverables and  a carefully defined project plan. Our team has the necessary experience to determine the required activities, milestones, deliverables, budget, schedule and resources.

Business Case Development

A strong business case is required to support executive decision-making. This must include clearly defined assumptions and risks.  Options must be considered with the associated costs and benefits quantified.

Requirements Analysis

Functional and technical requirements are essential to ensure a project delivers on its promises. Our experienced consultants can ensure requirements are not missed thus avoiding costly remediation.


Strategy and Roadmap

Ongoing improvement of capability requires a big picture view in order to maximise your return on investment. We can assist with defining the Strategy and Roadmap to achieve your companies IT objectives.


Solutions Architecture

Robust, scaleable, interoperable and maintainable information systems require a structured approach  for a successful solution  design. Our teams brings the necessary knowledge of organisations, processes and systems to determine the most effective and efficient future state of your IT system.

Process Reengineering

Reengineering “As-Is” business processes to more efficient “To-Be” processes requires more than a flowcharting tool and awareness of Best Practises. Deep knowledge of the industry and the software is key. Having the experience and authority to negotiate the process changes within the business enables a successful transition.

Gap Analysis

Determining how to best bridge the gap between the current state (or standard software capabilities) and a desired future state requires experienced consultants with deep knowledge of systems and experience in business.

Functional Design

Defining the intended operation, function and features of the system in advance of its build is an essential part of the Blueprint. Detailed knowledge of the standard system capabilities is especially important when specifying WRICEFs (Workflow, Reports, Interfaces, Customisation, Enhancements, Forms) that are to built on top of the standard system. Business requirements must be met with careful consideration of the ongoing costs of maintenance.


Functional & Technical Leadership

We have provided Functional and Technical Team Leader roles for numerous Greenfield and Brownfield ERP projects. Our engagement models include operating as the prime contractor, subcontractor to Tier 1 consulting firms, and acting as trusted advisor to clients.

Application Configuration

Configuring SAP requires deep knowledge of the application modules. In many cases, there are several options to be consider.  The recommended configuration to meet the functional requirements will documented in a Configuration Rationale document during Blueprint. The system is then configured during Realisation and unit tested. We are able to provide configuration expertise for all core application areas of SAP.

Custom Development

Our team has completed hundreds of WRICEFs (Workflow, Reports, Interfaces, Customisation, Enhancement and Forms) using SAP’s native development ABAP for our support and implementation customers. We also have extensive design and coding experience with Java and .NET Technologies.

System Testing

Successful execution of System Test requires strategy combined with disciplined coordination – much more than defining test scripts and comparing actual to expected results. We can assist with defining the scope, strategy and governance for System Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Regression Testing. Using in-house developed tools for measurement of test progress and defects, we are able to ensure that testing complies with exit criteria agreed in the strategy.

Data Conversion

Conversion involves the extraction of data from legacy systems. The transformed data must conform to the new structures and dependencies of the destination system before being loaded. Checks and balances are required to ensure no loss of data integrity occurs in the process. Pre-load validation and post-load reconciliation reports are required to confirm the success of this  process. We can assist with the management and execution of data conversion. Our technical team has extensive experience with developing conversion processes and programs using ABAP, LSMW, as well as developing custom SQL Server database to support large-scale staged data migrations.


Educating users on changes to business process and providing training in system procedures is essential to a successful GoLive. Our team has many years of experience in the development and delivery of user training. From high-level “SAP-101” courses to detailed work procedures and online training, we can assist with empowering your users with the required knowledge and confidence to use the system.

Go-Live Support

GoLive requires the completion of cutover and startup activities whilst the legacy system is decommisioned and the new system becomes live. Additionally, system users will using the new or upgraded system in a Priduciton environment for the first time. Users require extra support during this period. Typically, support demand peak during the first month. Our team is able to supplement your project with onsite as required during this period.


Helpdesk Triage

Route end-user support requests directly to our service desk for fully outsourced SAP support – delivered onsite, remotely or a combination of both. Alternatively, we offer as-required support with upfront cost estimation and no minimum monthly lock-in of hours.

Functional & Technical Support

Our SAP Functional and Technical Support offering includes all core modules of SAP ERP (Financials, Logistics, HCM, Basis, Security and ABAP) and Analytics (BW and BPC). Our Systems capabilities also include in TechnologyOne and Microsoft.NET development. Working in partnership with similarly focussed companies, we also offer wall-to-wall Business Application support capabililities that may include niche and emerging technologies.

System Change Control

Mitigating risk associated with system Changes requires compliance with governance policies and procedures. Failing to do so can have audit ramifications – especially for our SOX and JSOX compliant customers where Separation of Duties is considered in every aspect of the business. We support change processes with system records to ensure compliance. Changes must driven from approved business requirements or verified defects requiring remediation. Changes are unit tested in the Development environment by members of our Team and handed over to the business for User Acceptance Testing in the Quality Environment. Final approval from business stakeholders is recorded prior to deployment in Production.

System Monitoring

We provide Basis monitoring services for numerous SAP clients. We report system performance, stability and exceptions at a frequency and in a format tailored to customer needs.

Key Application Areas and Technical Platforms

With combined experience of many years and projects, we have worked with a vast array of systems and technology. Our focus is on Enterprise systems for medium to very large corporations. We are specialists in SAP ERP, SAP BW and HANA development.


Our expertise includes SAP Financials supporting the business requirements of Accounting, Controlling, Planning, and Reporting including:

  • General Ledger Accounting
  • Cost Center Accounting
  • Overhead Management Accounting
  • Project Accounting
  • Profit Center Accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Asset Accounting
  • Cash Management
  • Bank Accounting
  • Funds Management.


We implement and support SAP Logistics meeting the functional requirements of Supply Chain, Manufacture, Sales and Distribution including:

  • Procurement
  • Materials Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Production Planning
  • Sales and Distribution

Planning & Consolidation

We implement and support SAP BPC – providing for:

  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Financial forecasting, and
  • Consolidation.

Business Intelligence

We have comprehensive SAP BW and Business Objects greenfield implementation capability as well as AMS services for all aspects of your Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse environment including:

  • Data Modelling and Object Development
  • Extraction, Transformation and Load
  • Query Development
  • Dashboard and Portal Development

Custom Development

Our team has proven ability in the development of WRICEFs through to the development of complex applications addressing unique business requirements using:

  • ABAP
  • .NET
  • Java.

Basis / Netweaver

We are able to provide for all aspects of Technical Architecture, Deployment and Support including:

  • System landscape design
  • Hardware configuration and specification
  • Backup and Recovery design and implementation
  • Database and Operation System migration
  • SAP installation and administration
  • SAP Version / EhP Upgrades and Patching
  • System Monitoring
  • Performance Tuning
  • Heterogeneous System Copies
  • Configuration and Operation of Solution Manager

Our consultants experience is best measured in decades