Entelsoft’s website relaunch

Long overdue and with special thanks to the folks at Zeek Studios, Entelsoft has relaunched its website.

To celebrate, we’re giving away of 20 teal blue Entelsoft pens. Okay – promotional pens may not sound too exciting – but these ones are a little different. The Entelsoft pen has been crafted from hand-machined aluminium, hand-stamped with the Entelsoft logo and then anodised to last a lifetime. When the ink runs dry (as standard promotional pens do quickly), a replacement cartridge can be sourced from a standard BiC pen.

A rock-solid solution with low maintenance costs – we hope you enjoy it. If this appeals to you, please send an email to penoffer@entelsoft.com with your preference of a blue or black cartridge. If you have an Australian postal address and are among the first 20 people to email, we’ll soon be shipping your Entelsoft pen.

About the Ball-Point pen

  • Hungarian journalist László Bíró filed his patent for his ball-socket pen in 1935.
  • Bíró, tiring of ink splotches from his fountain pen, happened upon his innovation after watching children rolling marbles through a puddle of water.
  • Marcel Bich perfected Bíró’s design in 1950 with the launch of the BiC Cristal (the BiC Biro!)
  • The 100 billionth BiC Cristal was sold in September 2006.

The Entelsoft pen is a rarer beast with a limited production run of just 100 units.